Will I get the same Maid every time?

With recurring services, we aim to give you the same Maid every service. However, there are cases where your maid may not be available. If this happens, we would call you to alert you that a new Maid will be assigned to you in case you want to meet with them earlier to show them how you like your things done.

If we cannot reach you to let you know a new Maid is being sent, we will send a Maid over by default to make sure you we do not fail our appointment with you unless you have special instructions on your account.

It is generally a good idea to have more than one Maid service you so that you always have more than one familiarized Maid who can be a backup.

Can I postpone services?

Yes! Just give us 24 hours notice.

Do I need a contract to get lower rates?

No. You can sign up for a recurring service package deal. Here’s how it works: If you purchase an express maid service for $117 and you think you might need maid service about once a week your rate would be lowered to $107 that’s a savings of $32 per service!

Since all of our package deals are calculated on a yearly basis, and there are 52 weeks in a year, that means that we are giving you a discount based on a bulk price of 52 services which can be paid one at a time as your services are used. If you decide that you would like to cancel your recurring services before you have used up all the services in your package, then all that happens is that we would go back to the first service in your plan and add the balance saved from $107 to $139 ($32.00) adjusting the price to each service to reflect the standard rate as if you had purchased each service individually since the lower rate was given to you as a package deal. That’s all. No termination fees. So you have nothing to lose and if you had to move, we won’t adjust the price at all upon presentation of a utility bill with your new address so you can keep the money saved.

My apartment is over 1000 Sq. Ft. Can I still get the Express Maid for the standard apartment size rate?

Yes, you can still choose to pay the standard rate, but the bigger the apartment, the less likely you will be able to get everything you want done within the 3 hour minimum. A good rule of thumb is to call or email us before placing an order online so we can guide you. You may choose to purchase a few additional hours or you can request only certain areas to be cleaned. We still need an accurate description of the whole place to fit the best Employee for your possible needs.

When placing your order online, you are asked a series of questions that will determine the best package. Please answer the questions that best describe your whole apartment. Having a larger apartment will not increase your price because it is you, the Customer, who decides how many hours after the minimum you would like to purchase.


How can I make sure I’m getting my money’s worth if I’m not home and how can you assure me that your Employees aren’t purposely pulling extra unnecessary hours?

Our Employees actually get paid more for the first few hours than for any additional hrs. This motivates them to get as much done as possible within the time frame allotted. They are also eligible for bonuses contingent on Customer satisfaction and Customer return ratio.

We also employ technology that provides us with accurate provable records that show us how long they spent at each job which can be furnished to our Customers if necessary.


What if I only need a bath and kitchen done? Can’t I just pay for about 2 hrs or so? What if they finish early? Can I get a credit?

Most of the effort in cleaning a home actually goes into the kitchens and baths. After that, everything else is usually much easier and faster. Our Employees also feel that they’d like to make a minimum per job in order to make it worth their trip so our price charts reflect a minimum of hours to do a job, after which if necessary, a Customer can purchase additional hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, debit cards, PayPal and E-checks. We take payment in advance to establish the reservation. If you need to cancel, please call at least 24 hrs in advance so that we may issue you a full refund. Otherwise, a late cancellation fee may apply to cover the Maid’s lost time slot.

Payments are only accepted by phone or online.

Do you service areas outside Manhattan?

While we do service areas outside of Manhattan, we service limited areas. To determine if we service your area, please call (866) NY-MAIDS or send an email via our contact page.

Can you provide references?

Many of our Customers are public figures so we have a strong privacy policy. This also means that we do not ask them for references. More references are appropriate for newer businesses and may not always be reliable or even truthful since anyone can ask friends or relatives to “say” anything. We feel that a better way to assess a company is by checking its longevity. Bad business cannot stay in business for long. We have been around since 1997 and our domain name has been established since 1999, which can be verified through whois.com.

We are the longest running legitimately established maid service company in Manhattan. We set the standards within the industry, hence why there are a lot of similar maid companies with “NY Maidish” names.

Do you work on Sundays or off-peak hours?

We have availability for Sundays if you order in advance, however, since Employees get paid overtime rates on Sundays and off peak hours, there is a 35% surcharge. Sunday and Off peak work hour orders can only be placed by phone.

How soon can I place my order?

To make sure that we are able to service all customers, for our online orders, you will not be able to place orders if you need it within 24 hours. This helps us to balance our resources, which in turn, keeps our prices competitive. Therefore, if you need service within 24 hours, it’s best to give us a call and place your order with a Customer Care Rep at 212.239.9141 or 866.NY.MAIDS (866.696.2437)

You may even order same day service, depending on availability.

What should I know before booking a service online?

Arrival Time

When selecting a time, you are selecting the start of a one hour arrival window.

For example, if you select 7 AM, your service pro(s) will arrive between 7 AM and 8 AM. This will allow our service pro(s) time to get to your location in a timely manner.

Your service starts when they arrive, not before.

If you need a more precise arrival time, please call us before booking so we can manually check for you.

Date Availability 

Dates are available on a first come, first serve basis. Some days may be blocked out ahead of time to prevent overbooking. If the day you want is not available, You can call us at (866) NY-MAIDS  or (212)239-9141 to see if scheduling on that day is still possible.

Sunday Overtime Fee

All Sunday orders are subject to 35% overtime fee.

Will I be charged additional fees during service?

Short answer: No.

Many services get you with a “bait price”.

Only to force Customers into a “subscription” that’s actually a contract because it’s binding. Subscriptions shouldn’t be binding and misleading.

Words shouldn’t be misused to snag Customers with a contract. You should be free to get out of your “subscription” whenever you want to without any fee other than a rate readjustment to balance your price with your use frequency.

Sometimes a bait price is also used to  get in the door so they can charge extra for each location/item such as the inside of a refrigerator or charge a cheap first hour/first time price to get in your door, then charge much larger rates as the service goes along.

Some free door to door estimates are mostly gauging tactics. They have to make up for non-sales by charging inflated rates.

We post our prices up front. All inclusive and true to description as long as time allows and the purchase matches the need.

No hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no underpaid, undocumented Workers, no re-used, contaminated supplies.


Can I order service online if I need service today?

Our online system is for orders scheduled in advance on a first come, first serve basis. In order to be able to be able to serve all customers, we have a cut off time for online orders. If you need service within a 24 hour period, you have to contact us via our phone numbers (212.239.9141 or 866-NY-MAIDS)