Verify your Service Pro before entry. Our employees carry company ID and the uniform has company phone number and logo. You may also ask us to email you a photograph of the person(s) you are expecting.

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Why we don’t solicit Applicants online or accept random applicants.

An experienced and responsible maid service knows that criminals target maid services. Especially ones that hire independent contractors.

This is why we do not accept work solicitations from the outside. We do not post work applications online. This is a major security breach.

We seek out our potential employees through reputable employment agencies. Applicants initially do not know what company they are applying for until we have verified them.

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There are many levels of background checks. They can be as simple as checking references, checking local records, checking ID or as thorough as checking multiple aspects, such as nationwide criminal records, multiple years of employment, financial records, affiliations, legal status, drug tests, formal address verification, personal interviews, lengthy orientations, assessments and testing, etc.

When a company tells you they have done a background check how much does it really mean? References are not enough. Anyone can get a reference. It can be done by a friend, a relative or past employment source.

While we do check references, we only consider them a small portion of our hiring process, because references are only as valuable as the person or entity giving them out. How do we know these references aren’t a favor from a friend or relative? How do we know the honesty with which they give out that reference?

References are not reliable because by definition, the referral source or person is usually as unknown to the employer as the applicant is.

Thorough background checks are very expensive. Companies that hire independent contractors are not willing to incur that expense on what is potentially a short-term worker. Which is why even if they actually claim to do background checks, chances are they’ll stick to a very basic and inexpensive background check. Basic background checks don’t even check out-of-state activity.

Background checks don’t even guarantee that a company has actually met and trained the employee or independent contractor. This is only one layer of security. A reputable service, will do much more than the basic background check and reference check.

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Our Process & training before we send them into your home.

After applicants have passed a thorough background check, reference check, status check, drug test and interview, they are introduced to orientation.

Orientation allows us to further assess the potential employee. It allows us to know them on a more personal level, not only to train them but to weed out anyone who shows potential signs of problematic behavior or poor moral character.

  • It also allows us to find out what level of cleaning experience they really have.
  • It allows us to teach them the proper methods of cleaning and caring for customer property.
  • It allows us to teach them Safety and OSHA compliance.
  • It allows us to instill professionalism, discretion and courtesy on a company level.
  • They are introduced to their coworkers, to learn proper teamwork before they are ever even allowed to work alone.
  • Coworkers are instrumental in giving us feedback and helping us train new employees as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if an Employee gains tremendous skill and experience working with a reputable company such as ours, it is not unusual for their work ethic or standards decline over time or if no longer working for a company.

It’s human nature to lower performance without someone to answer to. This is why sometimes an Employee performs at their best as long as they’re still employed and not so much when freelancing.

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Insurances, Certifications and Affiliations

What types of insurances a responsible company needs to insure Customers and Employees properly.


  • Workers comp in case an employee gets hurt in your home.
  • General liability to protect your property.
  • Bond in case of theft.
  • Disability certificate in case any of our employees become disabled.

Certifications and affiliations

  • Our sales tax certificate, to show business legitimacy and tax compliance.
  • We are associated to the ARCSI, Association of Residential Cleaning Services International organization.
  • We use sitelock to prevent hackers from getting your information when you use our site.
  • We use an SSL certificate provided by Go Daddy to protect your online information when you order service online.

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What our Employees sign for everyone’s added protection and privacy.

Like many companies we do ask our employees to sign non compete and non solicitation agreements, but we also require that they sign a non disclosure agreement that covers our customers.

We know that your privacy and your personal information is very important. Service Pros that come to your house, especially those that come regularly are exposed to that willingly or unwillingly.

So before they work for us, we require that they do not discuss or write about your personal business publicly, with anyone else and coworkers, even after they no longer work for us.

They are only allowed to contact management directly on matters necessary to carry out the proper servicing of our customers or safety matters.

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Our pledge to respect your information and privacy.

This is our promise to maintain your information secure and not sell it to third parties. For more information feel free to read the link to our privacy policy.

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