• ALL INCLUSIVE. NO HIDDEN FEES: No extra charges for most things (like appliances), no registration fees, no nonsense.
  • OUR GREEN SUPPLIES OR YOURS: No cross contaminated supplies.
  • VARIETY: Standard cleanings, one time, Recurring, Post Renovation, Move in/out, spring, Professional Steam, Allergen, Bedbug extermination Preparation, E-Gifts, etc
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Knowledgeable Reps to assist you during order AND during job. Responsive Management.
  • EXPERIENCED, COMPANY TRAINED SERVICE PROS: Not only do we hire the best, we train them to meet the highest company standards.
  • 80 POINT CHECKLIST: Yes, we have one. Here's what you should know about them.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Flexible scheduling and changes to tailor service to your changing needs.


  • Order online, any device 24/7 or live phone customer service!
  • Online access to your account.
  • Reminder & key holding services.
  • Express Maid service for last minute calls.
  • Online tools for your convenience.
  • E-Gift Certificates.
  • Automated billing. (Optional)


  • NO BAIT & SWITCH GET IN THE DOOR TACTICS: We don't get in your home starting with cheap prices only to charge extras later. Unless you really need extra services  and you approve them beforehand, you can expect to pay only what you expected and agreed to pay for.
  • CONSIDERATION TOWARDS OUR CUSTOMERS: We believe in "under promise and over deliver". We operate in ways that are most considerate towards our Customers by doing things like, lowering additional hours drastically to discourage  pulling of unnecessary hours by Service Pros, not making false promises, being honest about their needs during consultation, etc.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Online access to company verification documents (sales tax license, worker’s comp, etc).
  • UP FRONT ONLINE PRICING: No gauging Customers with "Estimates". Easy to understand hourly, no hidden fee, all inclusive rates.
  • PROOF OF TIME WORKED: GPS time stamped time in/time out Service Pro records. *available upon request.
  • ACCREDITATIONS: of the BBB and NAPC (National Association of Professional Cleaners).
  • CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Unfiltered reviews by our Customers.
  • CLEAR TERMS OF SERVICE: Clear and fair service terms and policies easily accessible for review by everyone not just internal management.
  • EMPLOYEE DISABILITY CERTIFICATE: Since Worker's comp is not proof of Employment, we post our Employee disability certificate as additional proof that Service Pros are directly employed by us and compliant with labor laws.