Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These terms cover each service we provide. By purchasing our service, you have agreed to the terms below.

If having problems or need help with a currently occurring service, call 212-239-9141. This includes communication issues. All Employees are Permanent Residents/legal Citizens; however, we ask to please call our Customer Reps directly so they can assist you with relaying your instructions over the phone. This creates more accountability and closer monitoring by NY Maids for better service for you.

“Off the books” hiring takes jobs from tax paying families. It contributes to deterioration of our economy and social services fraud. It makes the hirer vulnerable to many types of legal liabilities and problems. It creates security breaches and uninsured liability for the property and its dwellers, therefore, NY Maids or anyone may and should report illegal hiring to the IRS, Dept of Labor, Worker’s Comp and the pertaining building management. Silent knowledge or participation of an illegal activity can be considered complicity.

Hiring our current or Ex-Employee(s) and/or their affiliate(s) legally, illegally or on a cash basis can make you incur a referral and/or breach of contract/Terms violation fee of $5,000 per incident. This applies to anyone currently or formerly contracted with us within the 2 year period. Legal and miscellaneous expenses incurred to investigate and/or collect this fee may be added. NY Maids is affiliated with a NY State licensed private investigative firm. If an Ex or current Worker incurs us to prompt an investigation, illegal hirers and affiliates of that Worker may become part of that investigation. EXCHANGING CONTACT/PHONE INFO IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THESE BREACHES AND WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE WORKER INVOLVED AND YOUR ACCOUNT AS WELL AS A REPORT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND IRS.

Payment is due in advance and based on hourly purchases. We do not issue refunds unless no service was given. Our guarantee agrees to correct work quality problem(s) reported within 24 hrs contingent upon NY Maids being at fault, the request being reasonable and payment matching the value of the job ordered. We may require access to the location of claim within 24 hrs to correct the problem. NY Maids may send 1 person to correct areas that need attention; this applies even if your original order involved a team since only 1 person is usually needed for most corrections or touch ups and because requiring the full team to come back may mean that the Customer might have under-ordered for their circumstances to begin with. Since supplies are usually part of a separate delivery service, if your original order included supplies, you may have to pay for supply delivery again or provide your own for a correction of service even if the corrective cleaning visit is free of charge. If there is another type of problem other than the quality of the cleaning, such as a damaged item or other claim, you agree to give NY Maids up to 30 days to start corrections if NY Maids is at fault.

If you feel that there is a billing issue, you agree to contact NY Maids first to try and resolve any billing matters before resorting to a dispute with your credit card provider. We will try to resolve your claims promptly but please allow reasonable time of up to15 business days for resolution. A chargeback may result in legal, collection, financing, credit reporting and additional recovery fees.

A late cancellation/lock-out fee of $65 per Worker reserved is charged for canceling or for rescheduling a visit with less than 24 hr notice. This also applies if we’re unable to gain access to your service location through no fault of our own. If Customer allows or approves the Worker(s) to work past the hours originally purchased, NY Maids may charge Customer for the additional hour(s). A courtesy call may occur prior to the charge or time limit but does not affect Customer’s payment liability.

We rely on the Customer’s honest description of their needs and circumstances to give a rate over the phone and online upfront. If the service order was not appropriate, NY Maids may decline the job at the door and may charge a lost time & travel fee of $65 per Worker or proceed but without a guarantee. Please order accordingly. If unsure, call us for assistance. Reminder service is a courtesy. Even if you did not get your reminder service, if you do not keep your appointment, you may be charged a lockout fee unless you cancelled 24 hrs in advance. Calling is acceptable although cancellation by Emailing service [at] nymaids.com (subject: NYM Cancel service) is preferable so that you can retain proof of your timely cancellation. You don’t need a contract to use our services; however, if you are on a contract or obtained discounted services on the basis of agreeing to use our services multiple times, we reserve the right to cancel and/or back-charge additional for past services to reflect the balance of the current standard rate(s). Since contracts are package deals, the same applies to premature contract cancellation by the Customer. If signed up for recurring services, you authorize NY Maids to retain credit card information to charge recurring and/or mutually agreed upon charges. Recurring services may be charged up to 1 week in advance in case the billing Dept. expects to be closed in advance.

Damaged item(s) are replaced with same or similar item(s), not monetary compensation or service refunds. If a Professional needs to be hired to fix something, the Professional must be ordered or approved beforehand in writing by NY Maids to ensure legitimacy. Independent action to correct the damage or reclean missed areas by the Customer or a third party will automatically render the claim invalid. Any false and/or exaggerated information used in a claim(s), any breach of these terms or refusal or impediment to allow NY Maids to make corrections renders the corresponding Customer’s claim invalid and voids our guarantee. NY Maids is not responsible for indirect inconvenience in connection with our services, or for damage resulting from the servicing of an already damaged, aged, neglected or aged out of intended lifespan/use item. Intended lifespan will be determined by pertaining manufacturer’s warranty length and expiration.

A Rep may call you to give you the opportunity to make corrections prior to the Worker(s) leaving to ensure quality and completion. If you are at the service location when it is being finished and you claim that you are satisfied with the work and agree that the Work is done, there will be no further claim once the Worker(s) is/are gone.

In no event shall NY Maids, Inc., its affiliates or its suppliers be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption,) arising out of the use its actual services, use of website or inability to use the materials on NY Maids, Inc. Internet site, even if NY Maids, Inc. or a NY Maids, Inc. authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.

Any controversy arising between NY Maids and its Customers or third parties shall be determined by arbitration  administered by National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM) or resolute, at the election of the party first filing or noticing for arbitration, but in the event only that neither NAM or resolute are existing or available, then only in such event with the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Said arbitration shall take place in Westchester County.

By using our service, you agree to these terms and to notify us of any attempts to solicit or accept illegal business.

NY Maids Terms of Service (TOS) is available publicly at: www.nymaids.com. We reserve the right to amend our TOS at any time. A current TOS automatically replaces a previous one.

Updated 01/17/15.