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Bedbug Cleaning & Preparation

This is a 2 day 2 visit team job. Pre and Post Extermination (total hrs labor:15)

For full details of what this cleaning entails, read our description below.

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Bedbug pre and post extermination treatment with steam cleaning Pesticide residue and unhatched bedbug egg removal.

This is a 2 day, 2 visit team job.  Pre and post extermination total labor: 15 hours

Pre extermination: 3 service pros for 3 HRS each (9 hours labor).
We clean your home, appliances, dry and bag clothing, linens and items. We prepare your home before your exterminator arrives.
Professionals experienced with this type of extremely thorough cleaning increase the success rate of bedbug extermination.

Post extermination: 2 service pros come back for 3 HRS each (another 6 hours of labor).
We return after extermination to thoroughly clean your home and get rid of all the dead bedbugs, decontaminate your atmosphere of pesticides with a thorough vacuuming and professional steam cleaning.

Salvage all your furniture.  The steam treatment kills any bedbugs missed and their eggs wherever treated including deep inside your mattress.

The steam treatment also kills unhatched bedbugs that are sometimes unreachable by pesticide like in door frames, inside sofas, mattresses or any area that only steam can penetrate.

We have been treating bedbugs since 2001. So far, we have had a 100% success rate! Meaning no bedbugs returned to places of treatment within 1-2 years. Even for Customers who bypassed a Professional Exterminator! However, we highly recommend you use us in conjunction with a Professional Exterminator because bedbug removal is not guaranteed by us. We do not have an Exterminator’s License. Just very thorough standards, great equipment, great training, great experience and great staff!