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Steam or Allergen Treatment

We have two sperate machines that can help remove the deepest of dirt! Our Allergen Machine can help remove allergens from carpets and furniture, while our steam cleaning can help sterilize a home.

You can get either one or both in our Deluxe Spring Cleaning Package! Check out the details below for more info!

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The deepest professional cleaning on the market and it’s green!

It includes:

3 Service Pros for 3 hours each (9 Hours labor. Additional hours or Pros may be purchased if necessary).

Cleaning supplies and equipment.

The Allergen removal Machine

Our powerful steam cleaning machine

1-First, an intensive professional cleaning and tidying (dishes, beds, dusting etc) up of the location (home or commercial), *scroll down to see a checklist for a better idea. Then……

2-The allergen machine application on all upholstered surfaces and some that aren’t to remove deep, embedded allergens (*see our demo video).

Great for people with pets, breathing, sleeping, itching, coughing or sneezing issues caused by allergies.

3-Finalized by a hospital style sterilization of all steam-able surfaces including mattresses, drapes, upholstered furniture, kitchen and bath grout, mold, thick grime, inside cabinets, etc.

Great for people who are recovering from surgery, with delicate health, newborns, allergies, sanitation issues (like rat and roach feces, flu contaminated areas) or simply to achieve a COMPLETELY sanitary and allergen-free ambient.

This package is the most effective and chemical free cleaning and sanitation of surfaces and ambient. Used for homes, hospitals, restaurants, high-end hotels, commercial spaces etc. Clean grout, remove tough grime, mold, allergens such as dust mites, kills bedbugs and their eggs, clears pet dander, etc.

This multi-layered spring cleaning will not only leave your house or commercial space clean and tidy, it will be completely sterile!  The only way to get your home or location cleaner or more sanitary is to physically knock down your walls and renovate!

* Please note although we sterilize all upholstery, this is not upholstery cleaning. No stains are removed or shampooed from upholstery or carpets. Professional upholstery cleaning is a different specialty. Please call us directly for assistance with upholstery cleaning.